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the ememgniward charlotte started and what jingting requested: howl

Title: Howl

Media: Watercolour and photoshop

Size: 15cm by 46cm

Date: April 2010

the red one was a just for fun, but it barely resembled the character so i did another one. more recognizable eh.

lisa requested: anything

Title: Jellyfish Valentine

Media: pen and marker

Size: 20cm by 15cm

Date: April 2010

i think fishes and birds are really cool animals

and also regarding coursework,

i watched

yesterday and it hit me that my coursework would probably fail (in terms of both grades and patheticness)

buckupbuckupbuckup (after block tests)

note: ememgniward is drawingmeme spelt backwards



  1. you’re so free~
    they are really pretty how do you find so much time
    and your coursework got fail meh what about me i lost a term’s worth of painting

    • thank you
      you’re too busy la
      eh, my condolences on your tragic lost; but this proves that your painting is too nice that people would want to steal it

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