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Title: Pinhole Series: Lisa in school

Medium: Pinhole Photography

Size: Varying

Date: June 2010

I remember how I gave my presentation:

Once there lived a girl who was very lonely.

Everyday, she had no one to play with by herself. So to make herself feel better, she would

take long walks around the school, trying to find someone to talk to.

One day, she walked a corner she had never been to before and found a portal

which led into another world.

There, she found an imaginary friend

who was always there to play with her and she became very happy.

The end.

Title: Blue

Medium: Digital Photography

Size: varying

Date: June 2010

It was great fun to play with the pinhole cans, because there is this anticipation whenever you sit still, counting down the time, then bring your can to this pitch black room, and you can see how your photo turns out. If the photo didn’t turn out well, your heart will fall 5 storeys down but if it turns out great then the joy is also equal to that. I also like the fact that you can experiment with how dark or bright or if you want to double expose it or maybe you want to create some patterns on the photo, without using photoshop. Pinhole photos give this ghostly and melancholic feel so I like that too. I think I could also have done more experimentation, and I would like to try some now too, like maybe folding the paper before you put it in, or placing some translucent paper over the photo paper. I also heard of this man who developed his photos using urine, and it should be fun to try adding different stuff into the chemicals as well.

I also took some digital photos, and I remember thinking that the blue tone was very sweet and fitting

I learnt that I SHOULD NOT TOY WITH THE LIGHTING OPTIONS ON THE CAMERA AND JUST LEAVE THE JOB TO POST EDITING IN PHOTOSHOP. It’s hard to make any changes, after I have taken my photo in this blue tone, so i can only adjust the contrast and brightness. (which sort of is the case of pinhole photos as well) But anyway, now I still think that the blueish tone adds a sense of playfulness to the photos, so I’m not that remorseful about what I did.

I would also like to take this chance to thank Lisa. Thanks for being my model, ya? Since Sec 3, and now Sec 4 still. I might need to extend our contract to JC1… .



  1. I like that all your pinhole photos have a interesting story behind it, and I have to compliment lisa for being such a good actress because it totally doesn’t look posed or planned at all. I like the blue hue though, it works out for some of the photos like the one at the track, because that photo has red and green which neutralises the excessive blueness in the photo. Also, although I thought of templates but used it for something lame, you were the only one who applied such an awesome idea in your assignment! Like who would think of this? I think what you did really brings out how pinhole photography is really open to experimentation and different kinds of ideas. Great job ya

    • (haha neutralization). and, the story was crapped up. thanks ya

      • Maybe you can experiment more by trying more exposure times and practice more so that you can achieve the best timing suited for your pinhole camera, so that you can achieve a starker contrast between the tones and have a better defined photo. Other than that, your photos have all very interesting and I can’t help scrolling down continuously to look at more!

  2. that constructive comment was written to be graded tanks ya everybody

    • oh my goodness someone criticized my technical skills. i am so depressed i will now go for a skydive without a parachute

      • omg so fun! eh I also want to skydive without a parachute ya!

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