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Hunter Freeman

Hunter Freeman likes finding the art in commerce, the humor in a landscape or the uniqueness in a personality.

These photos which feature astronauts doing various everyday mundane things, like laundry, watching the Television, chilling in a cafe and etc, are a very humorous collection of photos. The pictures would not be that interesting if they just featured normal people, that are in a normal outfit, doing these mundane things, but the astronaut outfit really is a surprise to see in such an environment. I couldn’t help chuckling, and it is marvelous how amusing  something that is taken out of context can be.

Many people, boys and girls, might have had the dream of being an astronaut, of being able to experience weightlessness, eat toothpaste food, drink water in the form of a water bubble floating in mid air, eat freeze dried ice cream, take a dump in outer space. Pretty much the most mundane things would be exciting in a weightless environment, in my opinion. There are so many out of this world experiences that an astronaut can do, but here, the artist points out that beyond all that, astronauts pretty much do the normal things all of us do. It’s a very subtle way of doing so, and very effective. I really like how the artist made use of placing something that does not belong into a familiar environment to create such a strange and amusing sight.

More of his works here


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