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Title: Marble 1

Medium: Charcoal Sticks

Size: A2

Date: 2008

So our art teacher buys these marble sculptures and he has a knack for picking these sculptures that have majestically wavy facial hair. Its not fun to try to dry them accurately onto the paper one curl by one curl, but its pretty fun to shade them and smoothen them. Charcoal has this pleasant touch to it when you rub it around the paper. It’s not like pencil which is completely flat, charcoal consists of these many fine particles that you can use your finger to shift around. Also, as this was one of the larger scaled pieces, it was challenging to sketch everything accurately onto the paper as I tend to sketch the whole thing part by part, which is the incorrect way I know, but this is just one of my drawing tendencies.

Title: Marble 2

Medium: Pencil

Size: A3

Date: September 2009

I know this is Stallin, because my mom’s friend criticized me when I told her I didn’t know who this person is. I think pencil is more tedious to use to draw large scale pictures with because you must use the pencil to trace over each blank space, but you can just spread the charcoal grains around the whole paper. But you can get more control with pencil, if you want to control where exactly the highlights or darker regions should be. While drawing this, I find that caucasian people have more contours and deeper set eyes compared to Asians, so they tend to have more shadowing on their face I feel.


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