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Title: Fruit/Vegetable based fashion design

Medium: Acrylics, Poster

Size: A3 size

Date:  2009

This was a design I did based on the most terrifying and heart wrenching vegetable – the onion. So what I think is special about a onion besides its smell, is the layering. I tried to bring that out through by placing many layers on the clothes, like for example the hood, singlet, layered shoes/boots. The pants also quite resemble an onion I feel, those kinds where you peel apart the outer skin and you can see the many layers of rings it consists of.

This one is based on an apple, as seen in the vibrant red fabric and flashes of yellow seen throughout. I tried to give the fabric a crispy and dry feel, like that of a dried apple chip, but unfortunately it did not work out that well. The apple is a well-known and well-liked fruit and I think it would be interesting if the kind of person it was is the shy, mysterious, girl-who-lives-near-you-but-you-don’t-know-anything-about-her.

This one is based on a dragon fruit, as dragonfruits are purple and the unripe parts are greenish/yellow. I feel that the distinct part of a dragonfruit is its razor shaped protrusions on its skin, so I incorporated that into the top and the pants. I’ve always liked dragonfruits, including cutting and peeling it, and of course eating it. And I always thought it was a cool fruit, partly because of its name dragonfruit/ 龙珠果, and it sleek interesting textures.

I think overall, the poses of the models could be more dynamic and lively, right now they kinda look like restless stunned people. Another thing I like is the background, which I achieved by dabbing very diluted poster colour roughly onto the paper. I kinda ruined my brushes but at least the effect achieved is nice.

I both need and want to take anatomy classes; cause my human figures are fail.



  1. Although the models may not be as well-endowed, I think you did a great job establishing your own style and creating something that is really original and never seen before. I like that you incorporated the qualities of the chosen fruit and vegetable into clothes as well as the hat and shoes, and I also like that your designs very natural and not very elaborate. It is simple, which is further complemented by the background, which I think is a job well done. I think your very simplistic yet interesting style totally stands out in assignments like this and you should continue to do fashion design some day!

    • then i have to apologize for not drawing womanly curves on them. my sincere apologies. thanks!

      • Maybe you could have given them bigger boobs, but I guess that is not your style and more of mine. You could also have erased the pencil lines, because without them, your designs would have looked better. Overall, I am very proud of you ya!

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