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Title: Bear

Medium: Pencil

Size: A3

Date: 2007

I like this bear because it gives off this sense of solitude, even though its just this pencil drawing of a stuffed bear which my art teacher probably randomly took out of his cardboard.


Title: Lion

Medium: Pencil

Size: A3

Date: 2007

This pencil shading seems rather light and lacking of tonal values and perhaps this is something that I can improve on. This also feels kind of alienated. I like the hair, because it was originally a very messy furry mop like strands of hair, but I managed to draw it so that it does not seem that messy. the body and limbs also remind me of loaves of bread (the kind on a fillet o fish) , seeming really soft and nice to pat, and I am going to assume that that is a good thing.

Title: Friends

Medium: Charcoal Sticks

Size: A2

Date: 2008

Charcoal Sticks

Awwww it’s a loving couple with big glossy eyes. With this picture I better learned how to use the eraser while drawing with charcoal, cause the furs were mainly done using shading, then erasing some white streaks. This is also one of the few occasions that I used charcoal to draw something that did not have a smooth texture, like pots, pans, cloth.


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