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Title: Miong on Swing

Media: Clay, toothpicks, superglue, string

Size: 3cm by 2cm by 3cm

Date: June 2010

So the arm broke because apparently, clay is not a strong material, and superglue does not work specially well on clay and I couldn’t get my hands on Vanish or something like that to coat it. So: sorry to FOF! The string was actually supposed to lie on the girl’s hands so it would look like she is swinging, but due to poor craftsmanship and a lack of planning, application of physics concepts like Centre of Gravity, fail occurred. I even pasted a few British coins on the bottom of the chair to balance it.

and the picture quality is also quite bad because I didn’t take a good picture of it before I said goodbye. This post is basically very fail i am so sorry.


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