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After borrowing an amazing and enlightening book from the library, I felt really motivated to try an produce some collages with my own hands. The book was like a collection book of different artists; it was real inspiring to flip through and it is real sad that I forgot the title of the book. I hate bad memory!

Title:  2

Medium: Paper collage

Size: 15 cm by 18 cm

Date: August 2010

I think I was in a not that good kind of mood, and there happened to be this picture of these three people all dressed up in an uncouth fashion. Thus, ‘Snip Snap’ said the scissors and ‘slish slosh’ said the penknife.

When I look at this, I will remember that white pen I used to own and now lost. I belive 90% of my stationary lost somewhere out there.

Title: Cover

Medium: Paper collage

Size: 15 cm by 21 cm

Date: May 2009

So  I keep this journal, not a diary, where I can record all my musings and complaints, and it’s quite important to record them really, espcially for someone like me who has a bad memory. This was a birthdday gift from Coolwatermelon, thanks. It was a labworks plastic cover, I ripped it off and stuck these on top. The spacecraft actually is 3D, but you can’t really see so, when it’s being presented as a 2D, eh? I believe this was the main reason I bought a National Geographic book – to cut out nice pictures and make collages. Thank goodness I bought it, because I used it for a scene in my video as well.



  1. Hello, this is yijing!

    I really like your collages! It amuses me how you can create such an interesting piece of work when in a bad mood.

    I like how you changed the faces of the figure, as with the new expressions, it gives a totally different feeling. The corky expressions of the figures mixed with the quirky clothes actually make them look rather stupid. But that is very well justified with the text, “how not to let society define you’. I guess you really need something weird and unconventional to go with that message!

    The second collage is also very well done, and I especially like the mixture of different mediums in the collage. I think it is very effective how you decided to leave out gaps in the middle to cut up the picture. It serves to link the two background images together, and creates a sense of movement. Although two very different mediums and pictures, when placed together, they seem to be connected and tells a story.

    Good job! 😀

    • haha, thanks! yea the picture was from an advertisement of a play for children, and the people were posing in such a stupid manner, like you said.

  2. Hi! So yijing recommended me to your collage earlier this afternoon and I am in love with that 2nd collage I think it’s a pity that it’s so small I would so want to hang that on my wall!^^

    I used to do collages around thrice a year or something back in primary school and i hated them more than anything, basically cos the requirement was to use teeny tiny pieces of paper. However your collage made me realise that there are other ways to make collages. And i really like the perspective, how they are cut out from one picture and the white space in between along with the city skyline really brings out the whole city skyline. I like how your collage seems to have meaning, and despite the little colours, it seems just enough.

    I think the first one is great too, kind of fun and whimsical and both of them would look great as posters so id you ever decide to turn them into that you know who wants them xD

    • haha, thanks a lot! but i don’t know about turning them into posters….
      oh you mean the kind you have to stick a lot of tiny paper to form a big picture? tedious work!

  3. Love the collage, especially the second one. I like the mix media, and the color and non-color pictures. The buildings are very detailed, and somehow it fits very well with the plane and the explosion, like its 1 single scene. And the fact that there’s another view with the polar bear sort of hiding behind the building is like the bear among snow.white snow, white buildings.

    • thanks! i never thought of it that way, you make a lot of sense.

  4. Yo ya I think your collages are awesome and damn cool ya. In the second collage, I like how the pictures are of different styles, so disparate against each other yet you have managed to link them so well together. I also like the first collage, I rarely see collages that brings forth a message and yours is a blue moon yo. The message is really cool and you should say that to me everyday. I like the faces especially the indian one. and the top face looks a lot like you. I like how you are so free and keep making collages.

    You should continue making more collages during class and ask me to cut the inside hole for you. You are really talented and you are truly a descendant of China, I’m sure your zhangzi ancestors up there are really proud of you.

    wah i just sneezed damn loud all the mucus flow everywhere you transfer the flu to me ah

    • three letters: TMI. thanks ya, and my what is a blue moon? and what does this have to do with being a descendant of China??? Next time I get newspapers I find all the pictures that have an armpit hole and give it to you, no problem, you cut and we stick on your table.
      okay I’ll start today: How not to let Jezamine Chua define if my ancestors feel proud of you?

  5. Hello Keer Zhang! I really like the collage featuring the men at war. I think that there is an interesting mix of mediums that ranged from paintings to pencils to print. Did you draw any of those pictures? I think it would have been much more personal and exciting if you had done so. I love the sense of movement generated by the dynamic horizontal lines. You’re good at collages! However, I feel that you should put only relevant objects into the collage, for example, I feel that the polar bear/husky is out of place. Even though it is a collage, it should still have some significance and relevance to the theme of that collage.

    • thank you!, and yea, maybe, but I thought it was interesting how one man had his arms around the other man’s chest whilst the polar bear was hugging the husky. so i just stuck them on side by side to each other to juxtapose that. okay, maybe that should have been better portrayed…

    Idk why am I going through your blog when I most definitely should really really be studying. Gah.
    I think you do a lot of cool stuff, and experiment a lot. 😀
    But anw, I like the first one, and how you pay attention to details, esp like changing the patterns of the stockings of the pink dress one by cutting it out.
    The 2nd one reminded me of Coldplay’s Viva La Vida cover AKA Liberty Leading the People.
    I shall stop here.
    To books I shall go!

  7. I cannot begin to express how much I love this! ~.~
    But I think the first one is slightly awkward because of the use of text, why is half of them black and the other half white? and the way “define” and “you” are stacked on top of each other makes the whole thing really off balance. The rest of it is pretty cool, like the colors and textures.
    The second one is just truly completely mind blowingly awesome! The play with horizontal lines and the putting together of the two very different scenes with very different drawing styles is really nicely put together. I like how the explosion and the rocket thing makes the whole picture really dynamic. and LOL at the polar bear’s butt.

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