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Iumazark is one of my favourite artists, I first chanced across his work on deviantART, and it has never ceased to amaze me ever since.His works are such an inspiration because they always arouse such subliminal feelings with very simple and delicate drawings.

He has very fine and detailed linework and intricate designs in the background, providing a nice setting for each pictuer. The figures he potrays are quite simplistically shaped. The people do not stand strongly in terms of facial features, there is less details  on the face compared to the rest of the picture. But there is just something about the figures that is very striking. I think i was quite influenced by how the subjects may sometimes be grotesque but still graceful at the same time. I think I was inspired by how they are dark, ghostly and gentle at the same time.

There is so much detail on the fabrics and background, but the face is left plain clean, which brings our point of focus to the face. The colours are also mostly murky brown green, a river of gray blue running through. Not exactly clean colours, but the picture overall is just very calming and therapeutic. I also like the rough, course feel that his works have. The dirty colours feel like an ‘imperfection’, something old and faded, but they also feel kind of futuristic at the same time. The sketch-iness are also a pleasant touch that give the work more edge, volume, power.

I think I was quite inspired by how he conveyed emotion, even thought the figures lacked expression on their faces. Also, most of the people do not quite address the presence of the audience. In most cases, the figures appear to be staring at some point off canvas, they seem to be thinking about something, troubled by it perhaps. The figures have pursed lips, downcast eyes, something we normally do when we think/ or are in our own world; they appear to be quite separated from reality, even numbed from reality. I liked how he created emotion and movement in the picture even though the subject matter is so still ( a little dead even), but it’s interesting to experiment: how do you evoke emotion without expressions of emotion? The characters are a little quirky, having their own confidence and attitude, even though their expression may not say much about themselves.

When someone smiles at me, I feel a little surge of hapinees too, if I feel that her/his smile is a genuine one. People often point me out for a lack of expression, and maybe that’s why i’m kind of interested in exploring this.

More omg at here or here


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