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Another thing that has inspired me for my coursework are the people who surround me everyday

 To clarify: I am not making my coursework to address these people, or to react to them. I am saying I am sure these people around me have inspired me without me knowing, subconscienciously. Therefore when I say that they inspire me, I mean they are so interesting to observe and I shall make something that has some elements or essense of them that I believe had impacted me in the choices I had made.

Let me talk a little about my paternal grandma

My childhood with my grandma was… not very pleasant. She was very nice to me but I didn’t really like her, so I didn’t treat her very well. After taking care of me for a while, she went back to her house, then returned again in 2009 to take care of my brother, along with my grandpa. What I see in front of me I feel, is something like a repeating cycle, but I think my brother has a nicer personality, or is more sensible than me.

So my grandma stands and cooks in the kitchen every night, untill recently. Recently, she likes to hang out outside, so my grandpa cooks in the kitchen instead. Last time, while watching my grandma cook I would feel bad for not helping for, and also bad for knowing that I should help her in some way but I am just too lazy to do so. When I observe her, she is just standing, holding a spatula in the right, her left on her hips, and just standing there, with downcast eyes staring , sometimes at the food, sometimes I don’t know where. And I thought: does she feel lonely? After cooking dinner, she would watch the 7pm drama everyday without fail. So it kind of seemed like everyday she was waiting to go through a same ritual at night, cook dinner, eat dinner, watch drama, go hang out outside.  She was in a repeating cycle, where her actions do not change, but the environment around her does. It is kind of sad, perturbing to think of, but actually, all of us are basically leading the same type of lives. Everything in our life is a cycle, a standard ritual we all follow. Wake school eat work sleep wake school eat …

(Sidetracting a litle:

I also came acoss a video once, which questioned: Do we actually have free will?


Waiting is to me, a break from the various stages in the cycle.

I remember Jizz asked me if I could live nearer to the school, would I want to do so? No, cause I enjoy just sitting on a seat and listening to music, of not having to do anything, but just sit and wait for your stop to come.

 I think this is kind of complementing to Lisa he’s work ( her tag line : STOP RUSHING START LIVING). okay not that much, a little bit. Let me draw an analogy, that from the moment we are born, the tape starts to play. When we are accomplishing something, the tape plays; when we are resting/ not doing anything, the tape is on pause. When we die, the tape is stopped. So our lives are constantly in play mode, except for those parts when we don’t do anything ( like sleep, stoning, contemplating, thinking) (Excretion is still considered doing something, cause you’re getting rid of waste products from your body.)

On saturdays my mom is in charge of cooking, and when she is too tired to do so, we just order pizza. When we order pizza, I am in charge of cooking canned soup, and making the salad. Then, I find myself in my Grandma’s shoes : all alone in the kitchen. Cooking alone can be a lonely thing, especially when your kitchen is the cramped and messy kind. All the other ‘presences’ are non-living objects. In the kitchen, I am constantly on play, except when waiting for the soup to boil, to get some rest. I think this is a simple analogy of how our lives work. Keep being on play mode, until you have to wait for something. It’s a simple situation I am familar with and that I can easily recreate, so I decided to stick to that idea.



  1. Your ideas…. make me smile a lot (: I like how you relate your coursework a lot with your life, and bring in a whole new dimension of personality (which i think gets subdued a lot in class ‘cos of your quiet personality). I haven’t seen your final piece but am looking forward to! It’s really nice to know that there are people who reflect on life, even the simplest things of the regularity in it. I guess that brings up the idea of appreciating, and how things are valued (like your idea of staying near school and well, waiting, or just letting time pass by). Ah. (: I appreciate your ideas – it makes me think about living more. And brings me closer to reality.

    • thanks, I like the idea of ‘closer to reality’. cool.

  2. I can’t believe that you took photos of unknowing people at the busstop. Illegal!! Violation of human rights!!:D

    • Hey! It’s not that bad right? I’m not making fun of them or something, it’s just a shot of them in their natural waiting state, ya. Newspapers/news do this all the time!

  3. Hey! I think our grandmas are similar! And they are both paternal grandmas to boot. For me, though, it is not just with my paternal grandma, but my paternal grandpa too. We (my sisters and i) were never close to them, maybe because there were too many older cousins, or maybe they only want to spend time with their favourites, i don’t know and couldn’t really be bothered to care. Nice post, a bit emo, but i like it! But! I don’t think that cooking alone is lonely, half the time i’m going crazy trying to cook everything in time that i don’t have time to feel lonely. And (if i don’t need to wash the dishes later) it’s fun too!

    • haha okay, i guess you really have the passion for cooking. It’s just when you have to wait for the food to boil… nothing to do
      and Hi-5, but oh, that’s bad to hear, but the good thing is, when it’s Chinese New Year, you can get a lot of red packets, yes!

  4. Hey Keer. I really like how personal your coursework seems to be. What you said about life being cyclical reminds me of Nietzsche’s concept of eternal return. Have you read about it? It is pretty heavy reading but fun stuff. Basically, everything is cyclical, the essence of every event that has ever occurred has been happening for centuries and will continue to happen for ever. I don’t think I believe in it but it is interesting to read about. I rather like Milan Kundera’s approach more: “what happens but once, might as well not have happened at all. If we have only one life to live, we might as well not have lived at all.” Anyway enough philosophical babble check it out!

    • wow thanks, you read a lot of stuff! i asked my friend google about them, and he gave me some pretty crazy results. Nietzsche has a wild moustache

  5. Hey omg I don’t believe it, and I thought that the grandparent problem was only with me! I feel so… (crap i cant think of a word) uh, mind blown! Like seriously this is so wierd, it’s like a widespread conscious feeling that grandchildren have with their grandparents or smth.

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