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Title: Kettle

Medium: Pencil

Size: A3 size

Date: January 2008

The kettle king of looks like it is floating in mid air, because I did not shade the shadow dark enough. And the attempt to make it look like a reflective surface was rather weak. This could use a lot more work.

Title: Food and Vase

Medium: Pencil

Size: A3 size

Date: March 2008

Title: Apples

Medium: Pencil

Size: A3 size

Date: November 2008

This one was fun to draw.

The last of my still life drawing stuff. Still life may be boring to look at, boring to draw, but I still think that’s its important to have a solid foundation before I can go on to draw things out of my imagination.



  1. Wow you’re surprisingly good at still life drawings (: I liked the apple ones. Because the background is so white it gives a sense of peace and surrealism. Like i can feel it in front of me yet i can’t touch it. It’s a very unique feel and i think it’s really well done (: surprisingly (:

    • thanks ya. i think 刮目相看 fits perfectly here

  2. Hi, could I use “Apples” as a background in a poster for our Drawing Classes poster ..? I work for an Art Gallery in Bury St Edmunds and feel your picture would be ideal for one of our posters,


    • Yes sure! That sounds awesome. And could you drop me a link for the final product when its done?

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