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Autumn Rhythm No. 30

Abstract Expressionism focuses on the searching of the sublime, and experience in which the viewer can feel, Lavender Mist is an abstract expressionistic work, as seen in the characteristics of the painting. It has an over all composition, there is no focal point, the viewer is allowed to have her eyes wander all over the canvas. there are also no distinct forms or figures in the painting, as abstract expressionism preferred to convey an image to the viewer as directly as possible without illustrating them it was an experience that they wished to convey, and not an image that the viewer can view immediately. The painting is also very big-scaled, it is 221×300 cm which is so that the area of the painting will help the viewer get absorbed into the world which the artist has created.

Jackson Pollock liked to dip hard brushes or sticks into paint, and drip them over the canvas, with no intension of creating any recognizable figures or forms. he probably felt that this way he would not feel compelled to pain an image, but rather let himself express himself with the splatting of paint. He also tacked his artworks onto the floor, and stepped onto the canvas as he splatted paint on it no easels are used. this is his way of breaking away from traditional western practises, and creating something new Stepping onto the canvas allowed him to be in the canvas, creating another dimension on the canvas. Jackson Pollock normally used paint with much more fluiditiy compared to acrylic paints, so that the paint was easier to splat onto the canvas. he does not plan how the painting should turn out, but rather lets himself freely drizzle the paint, using his emotions to create a painting that is to be an experience for the audience. Pollock also did not title his artworks with names, but rather numbers, like ‘Lavender Mist. number 1’, so as to prevent the viewer from being distracted from extra perspectives. the viewer should be allowed to submerse himself in the painting and feel it, and not be influenced by other sources. The paintings were also usually made large-scaled , so that the viewers can feel the volume the artist creates. pollock also makes use of controlled and uncontrolled factors like the movement of his body, and uncontrollable gravity> he lets the painting develop, and does not control how it should turn out. No recognizable forms or forms are used, so that the audience does not immediately generate an interpretation of what the painting is.Pollock did not want the viewer to define the painting, he states that his paintings have a ‘life of its own’.

Here is a installation that took place during the Kunsthausnacht at January 27th, 2007 in the Kunsthaus Zürich (



  1. omg the installation is way cool!

    • ya! technology is amazing

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