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Title: MENU

Medium: Paper Collage

Size: B5 size

Date: September 2010

This is a collage I started some time ago, and finished up today in class. There was this attractive Burger King advertisement in the papers, and i was still under the influence of that cool awesome book I had borrowed from the library.



  1. I would like to credit myself for cutting the holes between the footballer.

    • Just to let you know: I would very much like to hit the unapprove button. But alas! That’s very true. thanks ah

  2. Keer I like your theme! I like how you put together foodstuffs in a separate, isolated manner. It creates a aesthetically stunning art, like the food items are put in order in the way Ipod widgets are organised. I think, you can doodle though to fill up the space.(:

    • thanks! ya maybe I should have doodled some stuff but I was a bit afraid to ruin the clean white space, and ruin the symmetry it has

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