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Maya Lin’s work is successful in public because:

Maya Lin’s Vietnam Veterans Memorial is successful because it served a meaningful purpose to the public. The memorial is very different from a regular war memorial; war memorials are usually engravings on white rocks that are placed in an obvious position above the ground so that are supposed to be more outstanding. However, Maya Lin’s memorial is very different and controversial because it was black and situated underground. The memorial is able to address the grief caused by the war and allows people to interact with it by touching it and view their reflections in the black stone. The memorial also allows people of different backgrounds but affected by the war to come together. Strangers can come together and find their common bond. In addition, every step of its construction was in agreement with the public and the aesthetic decisions were decided by qualified jurors. Lin’s design also followed all of the criteria stated, which includes social and physical requirements, and was thus picked by a jury from among fourteen hundred anonymous submissions. Everything was to the public’s taste, and was thus successful.

Richard Sera’s tilted arc is site -specific because:

Tilted Arc is site specific because it deals with how people view and experience the Federal Plaza. Richard Serra created Tilted Arc in account of the surroundings, and therefore it would only work in the Plaza. People often walk around the plaza, crossing it to reach other destinations. The work allowed New Yorkers to be more aware of their surroundings, as the arc was an obstruction to their paths. People would have to walk around the arc instead of their usual paths which was cutting across the plaza. With every step the audience took, their perception of the structure changed, and so does their view of the entire environment. The intention of Tilted Arc was to add to the Aesthetic of the plaza, such that people can have a new experience of it. It is a part of the plaza, not merely a part which can be removed. The arc is site specific as it challenges how the audience views the plaza; it forces people to be more aware of where they are.
sad markings on floor:


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