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This is by far one of the most interesting assignments I had ever done, and I think it was quite meaningful as well. We could give our thoughts, opinions, analysis of the painting and indirectly tell that to the Sec 3s, so yeah, i think that’s pretty good.

About making the podcast, we wanted to make something more interesting, so ‘serious meseium style’ goes out of the window. In London/Paris museums we had the chance to listen to these audio guides, and they were pretty enlightening and pleasant to listen to. But our voices are not that pleasant to listen to as compared to theirs so we tried to make up for that in another way. It was pretty fun to make an analysis, then write the script while coming up with a ridiculous storyline. Performing it was a bit of  a challenge, while we have to be expressive, take note of pronunciation. We laugh at each other’s bad/embarrassing parts.

overplayedd posted the script on her blog, and I will unabashedly quote her

James Francis Cameron, you copycat!

Huh? A copycat? What are you?

You don’t recognize me? I am the most famous of the famous of Singaporean artists, one of the pioneers of the Nanyang Art Style and a driving force for Modernism in visual art, Cheong Soo Pieng! Tatoo this on your backside. Don’t forget it.

Wow. That sounds like a Wikipedia page. Cheong Soo Pieng? Doesn’t that mean you were the one who painted all these paintings?

Yes! And you copied my painting!

What painting are you talking about?

Malay boy! I remember the year when I painted this. 1953! What an exciting year; it was also the year I held my exhibition that commemorated my Bali trip along with 3 other friends, Liu Kang, Chen Chong Swee and Chen Wen Hsi and the enriching experience I gained from the trip.

Ah Malay boy. Let me observe it for a moment. I surely have not seen it before. It is indeed an eye-catching piece of artwork, especially with the blue butt in the middle shining right in front of my face. You did use a lot of shining effect, don’t you?

(clears throat) Th-that wasn’t intentional. Isn’t everyone’s butt like that, convex? As an artist, I definitely have to know what happens that lighting falls on a convex object.

Oh that was really one of the few areas, where I can actually see more tonal value. The painting seems a bit flat to me.

Heheh. What do you think about my model?

The Malay boy really resembles an almond, no matter which angle I look at him from. His face is sharp at the chin and his eyes look like almonds. I like almonds though.

Me too.

It has been bothering me, the butt. Why didn’t you give him any pants?

What do you think of the colours?

Hmm, I see that you have painted with a bold and limited colour palette of only 5 colours. Even so, the bold colours you have used are visually exciting. The blue skin is probably what has my eyes glued to this painting. The blue skin of the boy against the red tone of the painting really takes my attention away. When I looked at this painting, my attention was immediately drawn to the bottom because of the curves against a linear composition.

Yes, I was trying to experiment with oil in impasto effects. You can see, I am a very versatile artist. Look at the artworks on your left, they are done in very different styles compared to this.

Wow, that is intriguing. They have really very different painting styles and ways of representing the human form. Yours is very direct and abstract in a sense. There is also little tonal value except on the skin. The bold outlines also remind me of Picasso’s paintings. I’d say this is done in quite a cubist style. They appear so different from the other works despite having the same subject matter. I don’t think this painting seem to carry any sense of your style.

Of course, I do not search for a style consciously or create it deliberately, I doubt any artist does. But it is there. It is a way of bringing order and intelligence to what an artist is doing. Don’t you think so? What do you think about my painting?

Mr. CSP, I personally find this painting absolutely fantastic. Your use of colours, lines, tones really make it stand out from other paintings I have seen. It makes me sizzle inside when I look at it. It just really excites me – the blue skin. I think the portrayal of simple kampong life is well-done as well, as I can sort of sense how simplistic and cheerful it is through the use of bright colour, little tonal values and bold thick lines.

Talking about blue skin, have you seen my movie? Thanks to it, I am a couple of million bucks richer now. Take a look at my promotional posters. (flipping sound of paper)

You mean Avatar? Yes you remind me! You copycat! Now, not only Malay boys have blue skin, but now the whole world wants to have blue skin. All thanks to you!

I am looking at your artist bilbiography, Mr. CSP. (silence) Holy armpit hair. Didn’t you die in 1962? (silence) ….. Are-a-are y-you a g-g-g-ghost?

I think my voice sounds absolutely disgusting, my voice is quite deep already compared to the normal female range and it’s now even lower!! and Jizz’s voice sounds like a mouse as usual.



  1. yo the script font size and font ddamn big and ugly respectively

  2. you think you don’t sound like mouse is it??
    and how how how did you make the pingback? I linked the comments on my comments page, but no pingback

    • really? that’s funny, i just linked the page where you made the comments, then the pingback should be automatic. no I don’t sound like mouse i sound more like a hippopotamus

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