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i had always thought when people say ‘typography’, they meant something like this:

and so I thought it was just plain rearrangement of letters to form a picture and that idea didn’t particularly strike me.

but this year, I became more exposed, and I started to see that there was more to typography than just that.
One of the artist which I particularly like is Ethan Park.

His works are very refreshing and vibrant to view;  like a cool morning face wash. with cold water.
Here are some of his works:

I really really really like this one. It’s so clever and ingenious and interesting to look at. I still cannot completely figure out how he had managed to achieve such an effect. How did he place the clips so strategically that their shadows formed such a sweet message on the ground? I would never think of something like this and I just cannot stop marveling at it.

this ice cream kinda looks like the skin of a cat

Funny idea. This proves the point that pigeons are illiterate.

This is another one that makes use of the ability of cameras to reverse the film playing.

So these make use very simple and common everyday objects, but he saw the potential of what they could be, and manipulated them to form these words. The above are all very brightly coloured, and take place outdoor. It’s really effective in making people feel relaxed, carefree. The words are just part of the surrounding, they blend in quite well. Of course they are impossible to occur in nature, we know it’s a manipulation of material, but it’s a very clever manipulation. An implausible scenario for a logical situation. They are also subtle and very pleasant and sweet to look at.

Another artist who sticks more to the ‘placement of letters’ idea of typography is Thomas Broome, with his series of ‘Modern Mantra’ done with pen on paper/acrylics.

I think it looks pretty good in colour, in fact, I can now more easily tell what it is supposed to be, so the words are now a little redundant, so this perhaps defeats the purpose of the words in a way.

and apparently his works are used as an advertisement for some language school. Caption at bottom right reads ‘LIFE HAS NO SUBTITLES’

These are much more complicated and detailed than those other Typography pieces I’ve seen. The word ‘ZEBRA’ was repeated throughout the space, forming the image of a zebra, but the backgrounds – grass, trees, sky, sun perphaps? were ignored. Thomas Broome takes an ordinary room in a house, and replaces each surface with the word  which we name it to be. Some(minimal) shadings are also used, for the darker areas by compressing the words, so the furniture it is is more obvious. The points of perspectives were also considered so that the objects appear to be more 3 dimensional. I find this very clever, and intricate. On viewing, I can easily tell what the objects are(referring to the third picture) – it’s a closet, filled with clothes and shoes and draws. But the words are making the point even clearer. I can be most certain that that definitely is a drawer, so it is a little humorous as well. Also, I normally would not say the closet consists of walls, but because he filled in the spaces on the wall with the word ‘WALL’, it emphasizes the existence of such items that I would usually consider as insignificant. Even small details such as the frames on the wall, moulding of the door, base of the closet are pointed out. These are items I don’t normally look out for on entering a room, and it’s interesting that the artist has chosen to point out these items.

OMG it’s Ethan Park’s blog

OMG it’s Thomas Broome’s website



  1. Hahahah I like this post a lot! I’m into typography as well after the daily doses of tumblr, but you have to realise helvetica is one of the greatest elements in typography! But you seem to think it is identical to arial ):
    Ethan Park is so cool. I like his specs a lot. Some koreans have really awesome minds and their creativeness transcends further than anything. A noisy korean is speaking so loud in the library now.
    The pegs one is cool too, and it is an honour to have that reblogged by mr c.
    and haha I like the literal thing too, you have widened my understanding of typography much, I now view it as something totaally different thanks to your awesome post! I seriously didn’t know you like typography. This means we have two things in common now: our period falls on the same date all the time, and we love typography yo!
    best friends forever yo
    Actually I have seen many other types of cool typography maybe you could have included them here too try wordboner.tumblr!

    • do you know 90% of your comments make me laugh? and this one even made me laugh even though you didn’t use a ‘ya’!!!
      btw i didn’t know E.park is a Korean. this Korean dude is so cool!
      also, we both have had hearbreaking experiences of losing beloved pens, that’s three. and seriously, helvetica is very very similar to arial. only minute changes.

      thanks, i have started to follow them already

  2. Haha yeah i liked the first one especially. Some are quite impressive. It must have taken quite some time to do them. It’s interesting using words to make pictures. Are you going to try doing it?

    • yes! maybe if time allows, but time is not always that kind.

  3. hey I know the zebra typography one! I’ve seen one of his works in his school too. Really good.
    Odd way how people or things connect. Six degrees of separation is kinda… creepy sometimes.

    • haha, ya, I first saw it when Mrs Tan used it in when she was teaching the Sec Threes about Typography

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