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Fred Eerdekens is a Belgian artist who skillfully manipulates light and shadow. His works often make use of common objects which are used to block the path of light so that the light rays form a image (often some words) against a blank screen. What is most delightful is that you can never guess from the arrangement of the objects, that they are purposely arranged to cast the shadow of a word. I can imagine it would take much experience and slow, precise trial and errors for the light to form the exact image that you want.

I think such works would be especially great to view first hand, as the audience can interact with the work, to walk by it, try different points of view and interact with the path of light, altering the image formed.

There is  simple joy one can derive from looking at works such at these, that do not force themselves on the viewer, but instead relies how observant the viewer is. When someone looks at these works, I feel like what we marvel at is the concept, the skill of the artist, less so aesthetic quality IMHO when compared to perhaps paintings, animations. Paintings, animation is a medium anyone can work with, and even if you have the skill, your work may still not be that great. Shadow and light is a medium Mr. Eerdekens has chosen specialty in, and i think that even if the words formed are pure utter rubbish, the work is still impressive and eye catching to me.



Other works with the same concept:

Below is by Ethan Park as previously posted before

there’s this one that is located at the cathay in singapore. went by it two times, both fail. I guess this is more bold an attempt, because they seek the sun’s corporation, which might not always be delivered.

making use of light and shadow is a good idea, but can anyone do it?? i have to try it out someday


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