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I got to 4 before I started laughing. Some days you just have to except that guardian journos are so painfully middle class its beyond a joke.

As an art lecturer for many many years I’ll tell it to you straight. If you are an artist want to get on then make sure you make the right connections with the right people. It doesn’t matter if you have no talent what so ever because if you can get noticed by the right agents, galleries and buyers you are in.

If you don’t want to engage in that world then you can spend decades making tiny amounts of money from doing artist in residences, workshops for painfully middle class children, try to sell your work online and a host of other small events that won’t add up to much. But at least you are making the art.

An alternative is to enter the world of teaching which will mean if you work with primary or secondary children you will be too tired to actually make any work until you retire.

If you get into higher education you can spend you free research time either making and promoting your work that a small audience might actually get to see. If you are unlucky writing meaningless papers on subjects no one is really interested in and eventually you will end up bitter and twisted hating all those around you.

Best thing to do is not try to get onto that circus right from the word go, make art because it makes you happy and is an important to who you are. And except that being creative is part of the human condition and you don’t need to be recognised by a elitist system ,that is only really interested in making money, to make you work real.



It reaffirms me that I may not necessarily have been much happier had I gone the other route of taking up that scholarship. But I still really want to study overseas, for many various reasons.



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