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  • Use the vertical plane tool to draw a plane, and adjust the plane (F10 to turn points on) till you like the curved surface


  • Curves>Curve from object>Create UV Curves. Create a tessellation pattern which you like.


  • Curve>Curve From Object>Apply UV Curve. Kind of like projecting the tessellation onto the curved surface. Remember to explode and Delete Duplicates (Go to ‘Select’ Tab and Select Duplicates)


  • Make sure the lines are on one Lines layer and the surface is on a separate Surface layer. Then run the UV code in python, using the correct Search Radius for the code(Number of Edges)
  • Can adjust the following parameters: Panel Height, Panel Thickness (depends on material used), Gap Distance (Depends on joints used), Panel Offset. Enable either line 32(Board Snap) or line 33(Textile Snap) of the code depending on which type of joints is used. Can flip the surface to flip the side on which the elements are formed.


  • Laser cut the 2D strips and assemble!!!

2014-01-09 14.10.07 2014-01-09 14.35.19 2014-01-09 14.35.26 2014-01-09 14.22.16 2014-01-09 14.32.10 2014-01-09 14.32.29  We then broke into teams to work on structures of varying sizes and purposes. Some teams are working on 20m high spaces in the URA gallery, and 3 x 3 x 3 m community exhibit spaces. Our teams was supposed to design a 3.87 x 3.87 x 2.6 m space meant as a corner exhibit booth. We decided to use a horn toroid shape and use quad panelling.  We used the panelling tool(can be installed separately) to form the grids on the surface. Panelling tools>Create Panelling Grid>Surface Domain Number to create lots of points. Then Panelling tools>Panelling from Grid>Panel 2D Grid. 5 Another useful tool we learnt to create irregular geometries uses a program called NetGen. Save a 3D file as .step and go to NetGen File>Load Geometry. Then create mesh, and export mesh. //I N S A N E L Y  C O O L 6

Arranging the models outdoors for a photoshootPhoto 13-1-14 5 41 48 pm 2014-01-14 17.16.24 2014-01-15 15.25.37 2014-01-16 14.08.55 2014-01-16 17.34.33 2014-01-16 17.34.40 2014-01-16 17.34.48
Compression testMetal Sheet component after testing

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