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  • Although technology is a tool of man, who asserts himself against all the rest of nature by using technology against nature, we nevertheless understand it as a product of the natural object man and thus also as a part of nature. He has simply made use of it for himself. now at last he recognizes that he is disturbing, damaging, destroying her. He is increasingly looking for ways of preserving her. He tries to be a part of nature, a part of the whole. His means is technology that is compatible with nature.
  • The biotope building, the city as an ecological system, the way to the minimal mass building, to the minimal energy building, that is at one with the landscape and at the same time architecture, is to be found. The task is a difficult one. Solutions are hardly to be expected, as there is no such thing as the building and the city. There is just an infinite number of houses and cities that can all be approximately optimal in terms of energy in a away that is suitable for their time.
  • Part of current philosophy is a humanities subject for nature models that are no longer topical. Physicists, doctors, architects, engineers are working on new nature images. This makes them the real philosophers of today. They do not arrive at one understanding of nature, but many. Ultimately every consciously living human being has his own!
  • All material objects in nature and technology have form and are put together; thus they are constructions. Natural objects are natural constructions. They come into being as a result of self-formation processes. Man can both stimulate natural processes and also do artificial things.

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