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Did this for Yi Jun’s SL cause she she is such a nice person and also because she really is such a nice person.
It is such a creepy design i don’t think they’ll ever use it though

Did these a while back because Jezamine was going to Japan for a Judo competition. Kicking asses needs some encouragement and humour! Especially for the long flight on the plane.
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ILP 2011
Blurb: An attempt to understand the attractive forces of the World Wide Web turns into a homage to social networking sites and internet memes. Being mildly entertained by this virtual platform, we make comprises in real life experiences. This is to say, the amount of time spent submerged in irreality is directly proportional to the banality of reality.

I think what I really was thinking is that we all would be happier people if technology wasn’t so advanced, and if we don’t keep seeking for advancement.

At a beach in Australia, a father was lovingly coaching his son to take off his trunks. The boy was crying at first but started laughing after his dad said this.

Figure of Tiny Toadstool, some very fashionable Japanese woman. I like her outfit, and stuck bits of paper on her coat and skirt.

There is something innocently luring about a pretty girl struggling for help. i thought. this guy on tumblr, narcoisis, frequently posts pics of skinny girls with bruises, cuts, minor injuries.

Our family rented a car to drive from Melbourne to some city. The GPS was screwed and my mom screwed up reading the map. We had a choice of spending another four hours in the car to reach our destination or spending another two hours in the car to go back where we started after we found out we were heading the wrong way. We picked the latter. Dissapointed at the outcome of the day, I ate mah nuts and raisins silently in the back of the car.

I think I was a more contentful and creative person back then. After google became my best friend, my brain capacity has shrunk and the gears of this machines have started rusting. This ‘self’ contained in this body has morphed. Currently not in a good way as I see it.

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Melbourne is comparatively much hotter than Sydney. Sydney is a much more touristy place i feel, giving the illusion of a very well-off, grand, city. I feel that Melbourne is much more laid back, more liberal i suppose because of the many surprises you can find lurking around the place. For instance there was this enlightening lamppost i found while strolling past the lake that i didn’t take a photo of.

and the alley beside where i was staying – it’s a museum itself

google ‘graffiti in singapore’. all you get are articles about the Swiss vandal and how he was punished

google ‘graffiti in melbourne’. you get this

Melbourne graffiti considered for heritage protection

The citizens also made a big fuss when council workers cleaned off a work by Banksy in Hosier Lane.

planning to paint this, but that would be redundant wouldn’t it?


Pencil and Ps

I wrote dance_flow there cause I was watching 我猜 on U and they(a dance group) appeared so just wrote it down cause the lines were really flowing and also for remembrance’s sake

I had been attempting to rush out a uncompleted stuff and doodles and this one I didn’t complete. Now it is completed i’ll just upload it here so I can die with no regrets.

Title: MENU

Medium: Paper Collage

Size: B5 size

Date: September 2010

This is a collage I started some time ago, and finished up today in class. There was this attractive Burger King advertisement in the papers, and i was still under the influence of that cool awesome book I had borrowed from the library.