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Did these a while back because Jezamine was going to Japan for a Judo competition. Kicking asses needs some encouragement and humour! Especially for the long flight on the plane.
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planning to paint this, but that would be redundant wouldn’t it?

Title: MENU

Medium: Paper Collage

Size: B5 size

Date: September 2010

This is a collage I started some time ago, and finished up today in class. There was this attractive Burger King advertisement in the papers, and i was still under the influence of that cool awesome book I had borrowed from the library.

After borrowing an amazing and enlightening book from the library, I felt really motivated to try an produce some collages with my own hands. The book was like a collection book of different artists; it was real inspiring to flip through and it is real sad that I forgot the title of the book. I hate bad memory!

Title:  2

Medium: Paper collage

Size: 15 cm by 18 cm

Date: August 2010

I think I was in a not that good kind of mood, and there happened to be this picture of these three people all dressed up in an uncouth fashion. Thus, ‘Snip Snap’ said the scissors and ‘slish slosh’ said the penknife.

When I look at this, I will remember that white pen I used to own and now lost. I belive 90% of my stationary lost somewhere out there.

Title: Cover

Medium: Paper collage

Size: 15 cm by 21 cm

Date: May 2009

So  I keep this journal, not a diary, where I can record all my musings and complaints, and it’s quite important to record them really, espcially for someone like me who has a bad memory. This was a birthdday gift from Coolwatermelon, thanks. It was a labworks plastic cover, I ripped it off and stuck these on top. The spacecraft actually is 3D, but you can’t really see so, when it’s being presented as a 2D, eh? I believe this was the main reason I bought a National Geographic book – to cut out nice pictures and make collages. Thank goodness I bought it, because I used it for a scene in my video as well.

Title: LJK lonris

Medium: Mixed Media Collage

Size: A4 Size

Date: June 2010

Collage by Lisa, Jeza, Keer

So this is  collage we did starting on the bus in London/Paris, and finished in up today in school