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Title: Miong on Swing

Media: Clay, toothpicks, superglue, string

Size: 3cm by 2cm by 3cm

Date: June 2010

So the arm broke because apparently, clay is not a strong material, and superglue does not work specially well on clay and I couldn’t get my hands on Vanish or something like that to coat it. So: sorry to FOF! The string was actually supposed to lie on the girl’s hands so it would look like she is swinging, but due to poor craftsmanship and a lack of planning, application of physics concepts like Centre of Gravity, fail occurred. I even pasted a few British coins on the bottom of the chair to balance it.

and the picture quality is also quite bad because I didn’t take a good picture of it before I said goodbye. This post is basically very fail i am so sorry.


i don have any nice white walls in my house. sigh.

Title: Chairs x 4

Media: Poster colour, cotten wool, paper, glue

Size: 3cm by 7cm by 3cm

Date: May 2009

I didn’t build these chairs, i merely assembled assembled the wood parts and painted and stuck stuff over them.

for the throne like one, i used Papiermâché for the cushion

the green one, wire and paper for the leaf

the pink one, nothing much to say…

the blue one, cotton wool as clouds. it is clouds.  my mom looked at it and asked :“怎么发霉啦 (why has it grown mouldy)?” which is kind of depressing to hear.

i was hoping to do each chair according to a different personality, like the domineering, dreamers, act cute people (eh, i mean innocent), and environmentalists. I can’t really explain why these few choices, probably because there is no reason. then the table is plain, which is a place where everyone can gather, the common place.

If the table had more edges and if i had more chairs, i could have done more


i had time.

these two photos taken by Li Yi. thanks!