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I thought of building a space, filled with my memories which I can showcase in the form of videos and physical objects. I would like to have a room, and fill it with cupboards, or perhaps just everyday items, but I will hide in these everyday items, monitors which will display videos. People will have to climb everywhere and pry at unthinkable places to discover everthing I have hidden. I may place some in absurd places so people will have to get into awkward positions to view the video. There has to be some sacrifice of sorts, some sort of devotion to be offered to me before I let them dwelve into my most personal and well-kept thoughts. I am after all only willing to share with those willing to receive.
I have wanted to explore the theme of family. Of how my relationship with my mother and father and brother and grandparents are. Of how my mother’s relationship with her mother and father, and my father’s with his mother and father. But actually I am not so much interested in the males, I am more interested in the female parts of a family unit. Perhaps because I am a female myself. I was thinking about interviewing my family members, asking them personal questions, which I would cringe to hear come out of my mouth, and which would make the interviewee cringe in awkwardness. The room would be filled with awkwardness and a well avoided tension which I want to create now. My family has always been very tension free. I am a believer of avoidance of conflicts, live and let live is my motto in life. But in art, I will try to live in conflict, and live in what I want to avoid. I will perhaps make a work which is so personal I would feel embarrassed if anyone sees it.
That is of now. 12:13 PM 17 November 2011


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