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I thought of building a space, filled with my memories which I can showcase in the form of videos and physical objects. I would like to have a room, and fill it with cupboards, or perhaps just everyday items, but I will hide in these everyday items, monitors which will display videos. People will have to climb everywhere and pry at unthinkable places to discover everthing I have hidden. I may place some in absurd places so people will have to get into awkward positions to view the video. There has to be some sacrifice of sorts, some sort of devotion to be offered to me before I let them dwelve into my most personal and well-kept thoughts. I am after all only willing to share with those willing to receive.
I have wanted to explore the theme of family. Of how my relationship with my mother and father and brother and grandparents are. Of how my mother’s relationship with her mother and father, and my father’s with his mother and father. But actually I am not so much interested in the males, I am more interested in the female parts of a family unit. Perhaps because I am a female myself. I was thinking about interviewing my family members, asking them personal questions, which I would cringe to hear come out of my mouth, and which would make the interviewee cringe in awkwardness. The room would be filled with awkwardness and a well avoided tension which I want to create now. My family has always been very tension free. I am a believer of avoidance of conflicts, live and let live is my motto in life. But in art, I will try to live in conflict, and live in what I want to avoid. I will perhaps make a work which is so personal I would feel embarrassed if anyone sees it.
That is of now. 12:13 PM 17 November 2011


video is up on youtube finally

i guess this is the final farewell

Another thing that has inspired me for my coursework are the people who surround me everyday

 To clarify: I am not making my coursework to address these people, or to react to them. I am saying I am sure these people around me have inspired me without me knowing, subconscienciously. Therefore when I say that they inspire me, I mean they are so interesting to observe and I shall make something that has some elements or essense of them that I believe had impacted me in the choices I had made.

Let me talk a little about my paternal grandma

My childhood with my grandma was… not very pleasant. She was very nice to me but I didn’t really like her, so I didn’t treat her very well. After taking care of me for a while, she went back to her house, then returned again in 2009 to take care of my brother, along with my grandpa. What I see in front of me I feel, is something like a repeating cycle, but I think my brother has a nicer personality, or is more sensible than me.

So my grandma stands and cooks in the kitchen every night, untill recently. Recently, she likes to hang out outside, so my grandpa cooks in the kitchen instead. Last time, while watching my grandma cook I would feel bad for not helping for, and also bad for knowing that I should help her in some way but I am just too lazy to do so. When I observe her, she is just standing, holding a spatula in the right, her left on her hips, and just standing there, with downcast eyes staring , sometimes at the food, sometimes I don’t know where. And I thought: does she feel lonely? After cooking dinner, she would watch the 7pm drama everyday without fail. So it kind of seemed like everyday she was waiting to go through a same ritual at night, cook dinner, eat dinner, watch drama, go hang out outside.  She was in a repeating cycle, where her actions do not change, but the environment around her does. It is kind of sad, perturbing to think of, but actually, all of us are basically leading the same type of lives. Everything in our life is a cycle, a standard ritual we all follow. Wake school eat work sleep wake school eat …

(Sidetracting a litle:

I also came acoss a video once, which questioned: Do we actually have free will?


Waiting is to me, a break from the various stages in the cycle.

I remember Jizz asked me if I could live nearer to the school, would I want to do so? No, cause I enjoy just sitting on a seat and listening to music, of not having to do anything, but just sit and wait for your stop to come.

 I think this is kind of complementing to Lisa he’s work ( her tag line : STOP RUSHING START LIVING). okay not that much, a little bit. Let me draw an analogy, that from the moment we are born, the tape starts to play. When we are accomplishing something, the tape plays; when we are resting/ not doing anything, the tape is on pause. When we die, the tape is stopped. So our lives are constantly in play mode, except for those parts when we don’t do anything ( like sleep, stoning, contemplating, thinking) (Excretion is still considered doing something, cause you’re getting rid of waste products from your body.)

On saturdays my mom is in charge of cooking, and when she is too tired to do so, we just order pizza. When we order pizza, I am in charge of cooking canned soup, and making the salad. Then, I find myself in my Grandma’s shoes : all alone in the kitchen. Cooking alone can be a lonely thing, especially when your kitchen is the cramped and messy kind. All the other ‘presences’ are non-living objects. In the kitchen, I am constantly on play, except when waiting for the soup to boil, to get some rest. I think this is a simple analogy of how our lives work. Keep being on play mode, until you have to wait for something. It’s a simple situation I am familar with and that I can easily recreate, so I decided to stick to that idea.

Hunter Freeman

Hunter Freeman likes finding the art in commerce, the humor in a landscape or the uniqueness in a personality.

These photos which feature astronauts doing various everyday mundane things, like laundry, watching the Television, chilling in a cafe and etc, are a very humorous collection of photos. The pictures would not be that interesting if they just featured normal people, that are in a normal outfit, doing these mundane things, but the astronaut outfit really is a surprise to see in such an environment. I couldn’t help chuckling, and it is marvelous how amusing  something that is taken out of context can be.

Many people, boys and girls, might have had the dream of being an astronaut, of being able to experience weightlessness, eat toothpaste food, drink water in the form of a water bubble floating in mid air, eat freeze dried ice cream, take a dump in outer space. Pretty much the most mundane things would be exciting in a weightless environment, in my opinion. There are so many out of this world experiences that an astronaut can do, but here, the artist points out that beyond all that, astronauts pretty much do the normal things all of us do. It’s a very subtle way of doing so, and very effective. I really like how the artist made use of placing something that does not belong into a familiar environment to create such a strange and amusing sight.

More of his works here

David OReilly / Ireland / 2008 / 10’00

PSS is a 10 minute short concerning a troubled relationship between a Cat and Mouse set in the distant Future. The final film was completed in January 2009 and contains 23 episodes of exactly 25 seconds each.

I like the fact that the creator described it as a short ‘consisting of 23 episodes’, and the precision that each episode takes, of 25 seconds. This seems highly related to the setting of the story – somewhere in the future where things are very rapid and mechanical. Like there are so many distractions in life that everything has to be short and quick; it’s like how you cannot switch on a computer without logging on to facebook then youtube, then tumblr maybe.

My central idea in constructing the world of the film was to prove that something totally artificial and unreal could still communicate emotion and hold cinematic truth. The film makes no effort to cover up the fact that it is a computer animation, it holds an array of artifacts which distance it from reality, which tie it closer to the software it came from. This idea is in direct opposition to all current trends in animation, which take the route of desperately trying to look real, usually by realistic lighting and rendering, or by forcing a hand-made or naive appearance. At the time of writing, this trend shows no apparent signs of ceasing. -David OReilly

The animation techniques used seem very rough, course and unfinished, and it something different from the usual dreamworks, Tom & Jerry animation methods used. Dreamworks aims to create a realistic, believable world where everything has tonal values, organic shapes and are everything is all very pleasant to the eye. This unconventional of animation may not be appealing to all audiences, but it definitely brings a new experience to the audience, and judging by the awards and attention and positive comments it received, it was quite well received.

I want to change the way people think about animation, find a language that is unique and honest and shift the focus to encourage a movement in 3D that is independent and free from. -David OReilly

It is also interesting to note how the creator was able to evoke feelings in the audience, when the subject matters were presented as something so artificial and lacking of expressions. The story is also so fragmented. The cat and mouse, whose gender is not specifically pointed out, and also do not speak in a distinct language we can understand. We only know what they are talking about by looking at the subtitles at the bottom of the screen, and I think this helps to emphasize the futuristic and alien feel. Every action each character makes is emphasized by the sounds of its footsteps – a soft knocking sound. The whole experience sort of feels like an old video game, except these two characters are very much alive.

Tags are a way of adding value to something and I used them to explain certain story elements. -David OReilly

There is a tiny break in between each ‘episode’ using a test card like picture, and there is a description at the top of this test card that describes what the scene will be about, followed by some tags of what is in the scene. For example, one of them read ‘6. IN WHICH MOUSE TAKES CAT HOME TAGS: WAITING, CONVALESCENSE, DOCTOR, LOSS’ But this flash is so quick, about a split second of so, it is impossible for the audience to see unless he deliberately pauses to do so. I have tried to pause at every insertion of the test card picture, and I find that reading the comments at the top helped me to make more sense of the story. Without the comments, it presents a different experience where the audience is free to figure out the story by themselves, but when viewed online under control of the viewer, the viewer has the choice to forgo their personal response and see what the creator meant for the story to be. I feel that this plays with the way most people view things nowadays, which is through online platforms like youtube, mysoju etc. We have more control over what we are viewing, and this is very relavant to the setting of the story, in the future.

I also really like the fragmented way the story is told, that there is not a smooth flow through the different events, so I don’t think we are that much drawn into the storyline as compared to when you view a full scale movie. When in the cinemas, they set up a protagonist, a conflict, a story for you to follow throughout as the protagonist tries to solve the conflict. But in PSS, I think the viewing is done more of in the manner as an observation of the cat and the mouse. This way, our mental states are hovering somewhere between reality and this world the film set up. We try to understand how that world operates, while drawing comparisons to this world we are living in now, and we think about if the future that lies ahead of us is something like that?

I am pretty sure there are other things in daily life I view that contribute to the molding of my coursework as well; whatever I view and think of will have an impact. (I think my coursework ideas basically all came from bus trips and sleepless nights.) However, the impact ML made was exceptionally deep and exceptionally good, so I’m going to specifically point it out. 

2007 Festival du Court Métrage
Clermont-Ferrand Grand Prix Prize
*Monkeylove (Royston Tan/Jpn, Sg/2005/Fiction/09’00/Beta SP)

In the winter landscape of Hokkaido, a guy in a monkey suit is searching for lost love. A meditation on life and art, love and longing, “Monkey Love” is lyrical, enigmatic, pensive, whimsical and spare – like a haiku.

After watching monkey love, I felt like my vision field was pulled apart by a couple of inches because it was a very different piece of work. It was a drama, about things that are lost, the search for those things, and love. Normal drama (esp Korean!)about loves are very, dramatic, mostly involving love triangles, weepy female leads and dashing male leads. Taiwanese dramas, mostly idol dramas also mostly deal about love/relationships, and the whole drama appears very ‘cutesy’ and funny, which serves the purpose, as it is meant to be entertaining and allows the idols to capture the audience’s attention.

ML dealed with the concept of love in a very different method, and it was very touching. Not because of the painful relationship between the male and female lead, but because of the essence of the human spirit presented. It was touching, while being soothing and warming at the same time. Having a man play a monkey, by dressing him up in a bright red monkey suit while running through a large white field was very visually impactful. Also, viewers cannot help but feel pity for the monkey prancing around in the stone cold environment; this subtle evocation of emotions.

The interesting contrasts (achieved by frequent cuts) between what the viewers saw, and what the camera crew was experiencing also helped to add a sense of ‘reality’ to the film. People are more conscious of what they view, they can treat it as a piece of reality, despite the outrageous characters, and confusing dialogues.

The ending added a new character to the film, a rabbit, which turns out to be the main interest of the monkey evokes much sense in the film. The rush of ‘sense’ which suddenly comes to the viewer was what was missing from the film.

What inspired me was the ability of royston tan to create so much emotion and sense out of footages that are so simple, quiet and passive. The film does not shout or scream; it skillfully plants these ideas and emotions in people. Thus, viewers are not restrained to have one interpretation of the film, and different audiences will have different reactions to the film. Viewers can ‘complete’ and add to the film in their own way, which makes the viewing of the film rather personal as well. I really liked the ambience the film evokes, and the emotions it placed in me. I wanted to create something as emotional and as subtle. The enigmatic approach to storytelling was also very appealing to me, and I hope my viewers will also feel the freedom to imagine and somewhat ‘digress’ from the film in their thoughts, to think of other events in their life. This kind of, emotional attachment, i guess, is what I think artwork should have. That, people can all relate to one piece differently, and they like it because it draws emotions in them.

On a side note, I was rather impressed by what Royston Tan did. I mean if you compare it to 881, 12 lotus, I assumed that he films quite a bit of retro and old stuff, all those catonese/hokkien-i-dunno-what culture stuff, which was quite distant to me, and quite Singaporean. He just looked like a very 怀旧 guy, which i guess is quite true, after looking at another film he made, called Old Places. He made singapore look so pretty! It was another film that was rather simplistic, consisting of footages of these old singaporean places, and audio consisting of interview of singaporeans, telling their stories related to these places. The film mainly showed these places, and not much other than that was happening, but it wasn’t a bit boring. And although I do not have much memories relating to such places, I was still captivated by it. It was very serene to watch and I highly reccomned whoever is reading this to watch it. Don’t judge it before you watch it! After watching it, I was like, hmmm, singapore is quite a cool place. …

the trailer is 6.42% similar to what the actual thing is like

the ememgniward charlotte started and what jingting requested: howl

Title: Howl

Media: Watercolour and photoshop

Size: 15cm by 46cm

Date: April 2010

the red one was a just for fun, but it barely resembled the character so i did another one. more recognizable eh.

lisa requested: anything

Title: Jellyfish Valentine

Media: pen and marker

Size: 20cm by 15cm

Date: April 2010

i think fishes and birds are really cool animals

and also regarding coursework,

i watched

yesterday and it hit me that my coursework would probably fail (in terms of both grades and patheticness)

buckupbuckupbuckup (after block tests)

note: ememgniward is drawingmeme spelt backwards